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  • Fortunes From Eggs… [c.1919/20]

    Poultry/Eggs Interest – [KARSWOOD COMPANY]. Fortunes From Eggs. Being a collection of actual results obtained by the leading poultry breeders, and the most wide-awake poultry keepers. Done into a book by the Karswood Company of Manchester, England, in the year one thousand nine hundred and nineteen. Colour plates within the text (as part of page count), other illustrations within the text. Sections within include: “Preparing Fowls For Exhibition….”, “The Intensive System”, “How To Rear Every Chick to Maturity”, “White Leghorns. Which Breed To Keep”, “Poultry Houses And Runs”. N.B. :The advice given within this book is of its time and may not be accurate any more! PROVENANCE: Previous owner’s signature inside on front endpaper and initials on front paste-down. 8vo. Manchester: Karswood, [no date. c.1919/20].

  • The Life and Letters of Walter Farquhar Hook… 1878.

    STEPHENS, W.R.W. The Life and Letters of Walter Farquhar Hook D.D. F.R.S. 2 volumes, frontispieces to both volumes. PROVENANCE: W. Carnelley, Fallowfield, Manchester (bookplate to front pastedowns). William Carnelley, (1823-1919) was a senior director and chairman of Rylands & Sons Ltd., one of the most important cotton manufacturers in Manchester during the 19th century. Throughout his 96 year life Carnelley was spinner, dyer, weaver, book-keeper, cashier, salesman, and buyer, eventually becoming director and then chairman of Rylands & Son. Walter Farquhar Hook ( 1798 -1875), was an eminent Victorian high churchman. 8vo. London: Richard Bentley & Son, 1878.