• A Great Peace Maker… 1914.

    GALLATIN, Count (Editor). A Great Peace Maker [.] The Diary of James Gallatin Secretary to Albert Gallatin U.S. Envoy to France and England 1813-1827 and Negotiator of the Treaty of Ghent. 10 plates (including frontispiece). PROVENANCE: ‘CLIVE 18.X.34’. Clive refers to Mervyn Horatio Herbert, 17th Baron Darcy de Knayth, styled Viscount Clive (1904 – 1943) British peer and Royal Air Force Officer, who died tragically in 1943, leaving behind his wife Vida, who later married Brigadier Derek Schreiber- Chief of Staff to the Governor-General of Australia. 8vo. London: William Heinemann, 1914.